How to pick a good PR agency in Dubai, UAE

December 21, 2020

Are you looking for a good PR agency in Dubai for your business in the UAE?

With your business competing against hundreds in the same category, picking a good PR agency in the UAE can make a huge difference on how your company can stand out from the rest.

It’s all about creating awareness and building your company’s good reputation through positive media exposure.

A good PR agency can help you improve your media presence in the UAE through free or earned editorial coverage on websites, in newspapers, magazines, TV programs and other media.

Advertisements have their purpose, but priceless editorial coverage about your company packs more punch where credibility and audience impact are concerned. Why? Because good PR creates a good impression of your brand.

Good PR is a powerful tool that helps shape your reputation as well as public opinion about your brand.

A good PR agency in the UAE helps you find and project positive messages about your company and turn these into interesting news and features that media in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the world will be eager to publish. Got bad news? A good PR agency can help you clean up the disaster.

So how do you pick a good PR agency in Dubai? Here are several things you should look for.

Network of PR, media services

When you are considering working with a PR agency in Dubai or UAE, it can save you time, money and effort to work with a single company that knows your mission and vision and have a network services that can help you translate that into priceless PR across various media formats.

Look for a PR agency that not only writes and distributes press releases, but can help you create a synergized media coverage around your brand’s story. This means the PR agency can also help you organize special events, manage your social media, as well as create your graphics, videos and photos, among others.

Good PR track record in UAE

Does the PR company have a good reputation for successfully working with their clients? What is the quality of their work? How have they shaped public impression on the brands they have worked with?

You will want to work with a PR company with expertise in your industry and is transparent in how they will bring your brand to your target audience.

Can work with your budget

The perfect PR agency for your company will also depend on your budget. How much are you willing to spend to build awareness and credibility for your company, and what is the PR company willing to give in exchange? Consider the reasons why you are hiring a PR agency and engage a partner agency that can work with your realistic budget.

Know the value of publicity.

Media relations can create incredible awareness and credibility that will help you build your brand. It is all about creating a good impression that you can capitalize on in your sales strategy. 

How to help your business grow

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